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The Healing Current is rooted in Myofascial work, Neuromuscular, Structural Integration, and Traditional Thai Therapy. These techniques help aid in healing an injury, managing chronic pain, and improving range of motion.

My areas of specialty include the thoracic region, shoulders and neck, Jaw Pain (TMJ), low back and hips, Psoas, and Sacroiliac joint issues.

We can even incorporate Thai herbal compresses, creams, plasters, poultices, hydrotherapy, cupping, and scraping into your customized session at no extra cost.

Interested in using insurance?

I understand the benefits of and the important role that insurance plays in many peoples lives today when it comes to being able to access affordable healthcare. Although I'm not currently billing insurance claims I am in the process of getting credentialed with Regence Blue Cross, PremeraWashington Apple Health, and Pacific Source.


I will update this page with information as I get credentialed. If you're interested in using an insurance that I'm not actively seeking credentialing with, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

I try my best to keep costs down in todays ever changing economy while still providing the best quality treatments possible.

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