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Table Therapy

My work blends together various techniques from the foundational work of massage to Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Structural Integration and Thai Therapy.

Issues I specialize in:

Thoracic region

Shoulders and neck


Low back and hips


Sacroiliac joint

Each session is customized to the individual. We can incorporate creams, poultices, hydrotherapy, cupping, and scraping into your customized session to aid in improving range of motion, healing an injury, and managing chronic pain.


60 Min Table Therapy $100

Customizable session, typically for focused work that can include scraping, hydrotherapy, and/or cupping.

90 Min Table Therapy $135

Customizable session for a more complete, thorough session. Ideal for balanced sessions or full body relaxation which can include scraping, hydrotherapy, and/or cupping.

2 Hr Table Therapy $180

Some always wished and hoped for a longer full body session. This customizable session will allow more time for traction, range of motion, cupping, scraping and hydrotherapy.

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