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I started seeing Denison originally because I had numbness and tingling in my arm and hand. My back was super tight and the muscles were impinging the nerves. Denison was able to release ALL the knots in one session. I had been seeing many other therapists, several time's in hopes of finding relief. Denison worked on a muscle no other therapist had even mentioned and it ended up being the culprit for all the pain and numbness. Some people had even tried to tell me I might need carpal tunnel surgery. No more numbness or tingling in my arm since I have been seeing Denison. I have continued to see Denison for other issues since I have started training to qualify for the Boston marathon. I am pretty positive without Denison’s expert knowledge of the muscles and how they all work I would be benched by an injury. This guy is seriously a miracle worker!


OMG, I don't think I've ever had a massage quite like the ones Denison provides. I would call him the body area expert! He is exceptionally proficient at any area that you need attention on. His style and type of massage training is very unique in my opinion and very unlike any other therapeutic massages I have ever received. I have come with neck issues and after a few sessions was feeling tremendously better. I know other people that also see Denison and they all say that he is amazing and I would totally agree that his work is absolutely fabulous and one of a kind.!! Denison Thank you so much for your kind caring demeanor as well and of course your amazing massages.


Denison is the best massage therapist I've ever had. He is able to determine the root of a problem and treat it accordingly. He is skilled in many techniques and I've been helped greatly by his knowledge of myofascial release. He's truly dedicated to helping his clients.


I have had massage therapy all over the country for years and no one has ever worked some of the areas Denison has so far, especially the iliopsoas which is a major contributor to hip and low back imbalances. His approach to the lat muscles within the side body is also remarkable considering that area is usually ignored. I have experienced muscle release in places I never realized needed so much attention in just a few sessions. I believe my body is going through a structural integration... deep breath now.


Denison is the definition of professional. He’s a natural when it comes to body work, and seems to have the intuition and experience to back up his practice. He’s been able to help me with my seemingly impossible pelvic and lower back issues that persist after having my child, specifically his psoas, hip and SI joint work. He’s a natural educator and I always leave with recommendations that have helped me maintain beyond the deep tissue work he does. He should be an instructor on SI joint work, he’s perfected it.


Fantastic bodyworker! Denison is very skilled getting to the spots no one else can seem to find. I feel so much better after only one session. I will be booking 90 minutes from now on.


Denison is awesome! He hears and addresses your areas of concern and is extremely knowledgeable in all things muscle related. He not only has amazing technique on the table, he provides helpful insights and suggestions for extending the benefits at home. Thanks so much Denison!!

Judi K

Denison was amazing. He listened to my concerns and suggested some massage techniques I would have never thought of that provided relief.


I am a long time obsessive runner (35 Boston Marathons...) and have had my share of overuse injuries. Recently, Denison has worked on a couple separate issues of mine with amazing results. He assesses the problem and gets after it and, so far, they have all been solved. So, if any of you endurance athletes out there are having some nagging body issues, I highly recommend Denison to get after them!


Awesome 1st session. Not being a seasoned massage therapy client, Denison took the time to ask questions in order to determine areas of focus. His calm demeanor and thorough explanations put me @ ease and enhanced my experience. Looking forward to Round II :-)


I’ve experienced 100’s of professional massages all around the world. This was my first time having one in the United States. It was by far the best, deepest, most professional massage experience I have had. Such precision and strength, humble yet masterful.

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